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Membrane is a Mac app that lets you create your cover images easily.How it works. • Get started quickly with a wide selection of predesigned templates for cover images. • Edit the graphics and texts of your template in our easy-to-use tools. It’s all click-and-drag, so anyone can use it. • Export your cover image as a file that you can upload to iTunes, Facebook, YouTube or use anywhere.Now you're a great designer. • Membrane has everything you need for stunning designs. Beautiful templates, free high-resolution photos, great fonts, and more.Everything in its place. • A simple, intuitive interface puts all the right tools in all the right places. Which makes it easy to choose a look and customize the texts, images, and shapes.Manage all of your designs. • Maximize your workflow with the ability to view, edit, save and delete all of your designs. Finding and editing your previous design takes just seconds.