Memory Optimizer Pro

OS X 10.8
Memory Optimizer Pro is a simple and handy tool which can save you from frequently restarting your Mac to free up RAM. It does not only purge inactive memory but also gives your system a performance boost. It cleans wasted memory to boost your Mac’s speed. So if you have a memory hungry app/game installed on your Mac, this is the perfect app you need. Features: 1) 1-Click Optimization: This ultimate feature lets you optimize your Mac in just a simple click! The big “Optimize” button resting on the app’s intuitive UI will make your Mac speedy by releasing memory! 2) Memory Statistics: If you want to see how RAM is managed on your Mac, use this feature. It'll help you monitor and manage memory usage the right way. 3) Set Threshold Level: You can decide at what point you'd want this app to clean memory when you’re running low on memory resources. 4) Intuitive UI: The app's interface has no bells & whistles. It is extremely easy to use. Once you're done using a memory intensive game or app, you can release the inactive RAM with a click. Memory Optimizer Pro optimizes your Mac with one click & makes it perform at its peak. Use this utility app to see which apps are hogging up most of your Mac’s memory in the background.