Memory PLUS – An Effective Memory Monitor and Cleaner

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*** ALL OUR APPS ARE ON A HAPPY DISCOUNT AT THIS TIME! ORIGINAL PRICE $2.99 *** *** Memory PLUS requires OS X Yosemite (10.10 or later) *** Memory PLUS is a beautiful multipurpose memory (RAM) utility that accurately displays current memory usage on your system and helps keep your free memory optimized at all times. It is primarily a menubar application with the following main features: MEMORY MONITOR - Accurate display of free and detailed memory analytics - Intuitive pie chart view of memory usage in menubar icon - Low memory warning (menubar icon turns red) MEMORY OPTIMIZER - Use “Quick Clean” for swift release of inactive memory - Use “Power Clean” for maximum release of inactive memory - Use “Auto Clean” to automatically release inactive memory when it is low THEMES - Beautifully crafted light and dark themes - Optimized for Yosemite with new vibrancy effects CONFIGURATIONS - Launch at login - Update interval for memory analytics and auto clean - Pin popover to continuously monitor memory analytics - Pie chart and/or text options for menubar icon SUPPORT: Memory PLUS is actively developed and maintained. We also provide excellent customer support powered by Zendesk. For any assistance, please raise a ticket and we will respond to you shortly.