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Home-database created in order to have always and easily at disposal personal and family/institution-related data and info: anniversaries, dated to be reminded of, bank accounts’ and Insurance’s data, Credit Cards, login-strings and passwords, email and website addresses, and so on and so forth. You can view records by their ‘Category’ (i.e. Label), search for words, make the application remind you (even automatically!) of anniversaries and expiration-dates, retrieve a picture or any other file or folder related to a given entry (for instance, copy of your Passport, Driving License, and so on), connect to Internet etc. The Help file (Help Menu), among other things, shows different ways to organize your records. It shows also how to make an efficient use of the Pre-alert function. Main features: • User-entered data can be encrypted. • Optional password protection. • Internet (email/browser). • ‘Reminder’ function to be reminded of dates. • ‘Pre-alert’ function (i.e., you may choose to be reminded one day, three days, one week and/or one month ahead of a given date). • Find/Replace functions • Print to PDF (File > Print, choose "Save as PDF") • Printing.