Meta – music tag editor

OS X 10.10
Meta is a powerful tag editor, that helps you with every aspect of managing a digital music collection, and saves you time when you rip vinyls or download music from 3rd party stores. • Supported Formats: - MP3 (mp3, mp2, mpga) - MP4 (mp4, m4a, m4v, m4r, m4b, m4p, mpg4, aac, adts) - FLAC - OGG (ogg, oga, spx, opus) - WAV (wav, wave, bwf) - AIFF (cdda, aifc, aif, aiff) - DSD (dsf, dsdiff) Supported metadata formats include: ID3 (v1, 2.3, 2.4), APE, MP4 (atom), Vorbis (Xiph), and INFO Tags. • Features: Batch Editing: - Apply changes to a selection of files at once - Cut/Copy/Paste metadata in batches - Perform String transformations - Generate track number sequences - Find and Replace text, or regular expressions Pattern Based Conversions: - Rename files (Compose file names using tags) - Extract tags from file names, or file paths - Compose tags based on other metadata - Create custom directory structures based on each file's tags Album Cover Management: - Import or export album covers using drag and drop - Adjust artworks either on demand, or automatically upon adding (scale, crop, and compress to keep your files size low) - Find album artworks online with a single click using the integrated “Cover Finder” (additional in-app purchase) File Management: - Rename, Move, Delete, Open, “Open with”, and “Reveal” files from within the app - Import or export M3U playlists - Import or export tags as CSV (Numbers, Excel spreadsheets) iTunes Friendly: - Add tracks to iTunes, or refresh their metadata once you're done editing in Meta - Get autocomplete suggestions as you type from your iTunes media database Customisable User Interface: - Define lists of tags you want to view/edit thanks to custom view configurations - Quickly switch between configurations depending on your needs (ex: common, advanced, sorting, podcast-related, …) - Popovers help you edit long text (lyrics, comments), find a track's BPM (tap tempo), or input dates without worrying about the proper format Fast, Clean, Reliable native macOS app: - Undo support - Quick Look support allows for previewing audio and artworks in-app - Instantaneous Editing - Powered by the well-tested, open-source tagging engine Taglib — If you want to contribute to making Meta even better, get in touch via the App Store “Support” link, or tweet us @meta4mac



最近业余期间把手头的 DELL 老家伙里下载的稀有 MP3 专辑一一导入了 Mac 中,但发现许多专辑的 metadata 信息都是不全的,放在 iTunes 上播放极其不友好,有强迫症的我是不会允许这种情况发生的,所以找来了 Meta 这款专业做 metadata 编辑的软件帮忙,有了它我就可以重...