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Method Map makes development planning simple. It allows users to plan their development based on logic rather than thinking about actual lines of code. Users can identify methods/functions and define the relationships between them, even defining the parameters and variables that are used. It is fully customizable allowing users to create their own relationship types (connections) and create as many variables as they want. The simple tagging system allows users to easily identify methods by either resource or programming language - the user decides. It’s been a long time since software was written for only one type of machine with one size of screen. Everything needs to be adaptive. While the number of operating systems have expanded, so have the number of programming languages and screen sizes. Project management has also changed, with the switch to more iterative approaches like Scrum and Lean. But while all these changes have taken place the act of cutting code has stayed fairly similar. Now is the time to plan software development with a more logical approach. By working from a logical point of view developers are able to break down projects into manageable chunks. Using Method Map to do this gives developers the flexibility to handle change and the ability to add more information when known i.e. add more variables or tags, or even add pseudo code.