MetroGnome – 节拍器儿童

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Would you like your child to enjoy playing music? Our MetroGnome-App will help you make it into an exciting game. MetroGnome is a unique metronome developed specifically for children. Your child will quickly develop the sense of rhythm playing with the gnome's eyes and following the little bees. In addition to the standard metronome functions like time-keeping beats and ticking sounds, MetroGnome also offers : -Retinal resolution support, -Fullscreen mode, -Customized paces: Largo, Adagio, Andante, Moderato, Allegro and Presto, -Mute button as well as "Video Effects Off"-button, -Bee-shaped beats and the measures that sound like a crystal bell with an excellent sound quality. Enjoy music with MetroGnome! USERS FEEDBACK ----------------- “It's a interesting and creative app. Love it!”-smithchloe from United Kingdom “avoid loss of time in searching the internet a metronome online.”-LennonJorge from Mexico