MicroCoil Pro X

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************************************************************************************************* After the huge success of the Mobile Application MicroCoil Pro, we have decided to also publish an OSX version. NOW also with Live Preview of Local and Cloud Builds!!!! ************************************************************************************************* This OSX application is a MUST have tool for users of RBA, RDA and RTA who want to improve the performance of their coils. The result will be a staggering and new experience. As the only application on the market, it introduces the concept of an adaptive Heat Coefficient (besides the Resistance in Ohm) which will blow you away if you set and build your coils accordingly. This Heat Coefficient will be calculated exactly and is adapted to the Wicking Material which you are using. The features of this app include: - Optimise your build with the Heat Coefficient - Change your Wicking Material - Save your builds for later retrieval - Share your builds with other users - Access a Database with over 400 RBA, RTA, RDA - Download Coils from Other Users - Check the Dimensions and Surface of your Coils - Check the Battery Drain (over 100 Batteries in the Database) - Work with Imperial or Metric Units - Convert from Gauge to Millimetres for the Wire Diameter - Contribute to the extension and Submit missing devices (e.g. RBA, RTA, RDA) or Batteries - And much more... Besides, a Facebook Group allows you to ask questions to the developers directly or to simply get in touch with other users and exchange experiences... All in all a fantastic Application which offers so many great features which will for sure change your vaping experience!!