Microphone Lock

OS X 10.10
Is my microphone tapped? Thanks to click-jacking, trojan horses and malware, governments and hackers have found ways to listen in on your conversations. Microphone Lock enables you to lock your microphone and refuse access by any app. If your microphone was already in use, its audio will silence immediately. “the FBI can listen to your laptop via your microphone” - www.businessinsider.com And, if you unlock your microphone for normal use and forgot to lock it again, don't worry: Microphone Lock detects (unwanted) access and alerts you. Even if some other app only prepares a microphone for standby. FEATURES • Microphone Lock completely disables microphone access by any app • Lock specific microphones • Fast keyboard shortcuts to lock/unlock all microphones • Automatic notifications when a microphone is accessed • System status bar icon shows microphone lock/access • Log with most recent microphone activity • Adjustable alert sound (on/ off) • Automatic launch at logon (on/ off) • Autolock with sreensaver/screenlock (on/ off) • Synchronizes with Camera Lock (separately available in the Mac AppStore) COMPATIBILITY • Fully compatible with built-in microphone, line input, and external analog microphones • Generic USB audio devices may support lock or access alerts only partially • Apple LED Cinema and Thunderbolt displays support full microphone locking, and limited access alerts • Microphone Lock automatically lists all your audio input devices and their compatibility Get more grip on your privacy, lock your microphone and detect intruders. Qneo DISCLAIMER Microphone Lock was developed to minimize the risk of unauthorized microphone access. Future advances in operating system as well as hacking may affect the risk. The only 100% secure way to prevent unauthorized microphone access is to have no microphone at all.