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microsynth-mini is a single-track, mono-timbral, 255-voice polyphonic microtonal SoundFont synthesizer. It supports seven types of tuning files, on-the-fly retuning, audio file recording, standard MIDI hardware controllers, and sequencing and notation software such as Sibelius and Finale, giving you total control of tuning in your music. If you need a multi-timbral synthesizer, get the 16-track version of this app, called microsynth. Check out the full documentation PDF using the Web Site link. - polyphonic microtonal synthesizer - unlimited tunings, any key to any pitch - supports MTS real-time Sysex messages - supports .scl .tun .hz .csv .mtx .gly and .tonex tuning files - allows real time transposition and remapping of scales - unlimited user-defined MIDI CC tuning switches - comes with GM/GS Soundset - built in reverb - loads .sf2 soundfonts - virtual MIDI input - records wav audio files - loads and saves scenes - stand-alone application - compatible with Sibelius, Finale, etc. - multiple Undo - responsive support IMPORTANT NOTE: Apple Logic conflicts with microsynth on some systems and may cause crashing when run concurrently