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◉ Create stunning audio recordings MicroWave is an indispensable multitool for working with audio. Whenever you need to trim a few seconds off a music file, record your thoughts, split an audio file into many smaller ones, make a voice note, record an internet radio station* or digitize old tapes - MicroWave is there to help. It's a tool as essential as a text editor. And because it's that useful no Mac should miss it. With MicroWave you will be able to: • digitize your beloved vinyl records and audio tapes • record your voice • record your favorite music from youtube/internet radio stations* • create engaging interviews • make great podcasts • optimize and improve audio quality of those old charming vinyl records of yours • convert unfamiliar audio files so you can enjoy them on your iPod (ex. ogg/flac to mp3) • create your own unique and completely custom iPhone ringtones no one else has • come up with gripping audio effects for your iMovie productions • record captivating voice-overs for your slide shows • and much more ... ◉ What our customers say: "Great Application. Brilliant Support." - Hendrik, Germany "It is really easy to use, intuitive, quick and the sound quality is really good. No negatives." - Biff, United Kingdom "A good audio editor, pretty powerful and easy to use" - Luis, Spain "It did exactly what I wanted it to and only had to look up help once. Great value for money!" - Ned, Australia "Simple, fast, elegant and right to the point." - Rik, United States ◉ Detailed Feature List: Editing: • Cut, Copy and Paste between multiple documents. • Persistent marker support with automatic silence detection. • Delete and Trim audio. • Infinite and instantaneous Undo and Redo. • Undo and Redo states are saved with the document. • Supports importing of multiple audio files into one document. • Supports full screen editing. • Supports Stereo and Mono audio. • Supports sampling rates 8khz - 96khz. • Supports bit depths 8bit, 16bit, 24bit, 32bit. • Supports conversion between all channel layouts, samples rates and bit depths. • Waveform zoom levels from 100% down to 1:1 sample resolution. • Supports editing of individual samples. Recording: • Supports recording from built in microphone and line-in. • Supports recording from any USB and FireWire Audio Device that is supported by OS X. • Supports recording from other applications (like browsers, etc) and internet streams* • Maximum recording length is only limited by free space on the hard drive. Audio Effects: • Fade In • Fade Out • Generate Silence • Silence Selection • Change Gain • Normalize Audio • Reverse Audio • Delay (Echo) • Peak Limiter • Apply Distortion • Graphic Equalizer • Low Pass Filter • High Pass Filter • Band Pass Filter • Multiband Compressor • Matrix Reverb • Change Pitch • Dynamics Processor • High Shelf Filter • Parametric Equalizer Supported File Formats (import and export): • MP3 and OGG Vorbis • M4A, MP4, AAC and M4R (iPhone ringtones) • Flac Lossless • Apple Lossless (ALAC) encoded M4A files • WAV, AIFF and CAF • Can import audio tracks from MP4 and Quicktime videos (but can not save video files!) • Batch export: Splits document into multiple audio files based on markers. • Supports meta data (ID3 tags, etc) export and import Support: • Detailed Manual included • 24 hours support by email • We're excited about user feedback and feature suggestions :) * Please note that recording audio from the internet or other applications requires installation of the free 'Soundflower' driver - which doesn't take longer than 5 minutes. Detailed instructions can be found in the included manual.