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+++++++++++++++++ Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX. +++++++++++++++++ MILLIONS FOR EUROMILLIONS is an intelligent playslip generator. It analyzes all EuroMillions results up to date, identifying patterns that are used to generate statistical profiles that shows the tendency and likelihood of certain numbers and combinations. That statistical profiles are used to filter those playslips that do not fit on the tendency. Things like limiting the number of lines and columns a playslip can have, limiting the amount of numbers on diagonals, the amount of odd and even numbers, the amount of prime and Fibonacci numbers, the amount of numbers per areas, per halves, per quadrants and so one, the number of occurrence of certain balls, combinations, columns, etc., are all used for increased precision. The result is the generation of playslips fine tuned to the current EuroMillions results. MILLIONS FOR EUROMILLIONS recalculates all profiles after every EuroMillions new result, increasing its own precision. After downloading this app, it will work on the LITE mode. Optionally, you can convert it to the PRO mode, unlocking all functionality. LITE MODE (functionality) - FREE * Can generate any number of playslips; * Generates completely random numbers; * Can export PDF files containing all created playslips* * Can print playslips directly* PRO MODE (functionality) - PAID (optional) * All functionalities seen on the LITE mode plus: * Generates intelligent numbers and stars, based on statistical profiles and likelihood of certain patterns; * Allow the exclusion of certain numbers or stars * Updates itself with the latest EuroMillions results as they are available. * Recalculates, automatically, all statistical profiles as more EuroMillions results are available; * Because we were unable to get blank playslips from all countries where EuroMillions is played, this functionality is just working, for now, for the following countries: England, Belgium and Portugal. If you want this to work for your country, please mail us a few blank playslips (contact our support for more informations and address).