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Mimeo Photos is a powerful new extension for creating photobooks, cards, and calendars within the Photos app for macOS. Designed with Apple’s cherished photo project experience in mind, Mimeo Photos offers the same templates, product sizes, and quality materials with enhanced design features to bring your memories to life. After installing Mimeo Photos from the Mac App Store, get started by simply choosing your photos in the Photos App and selecting Mimeo Photos from the dropdown under My Projects. — Seamless Integration — Mimeo Photos works beautifully to integrate with your Apple Photos app for macOS, eliminating the need to upload photos to other applications or websites. By simply selecting your photos from your existing Photos Library and creating a new project, you never have to leave the comfort of your Photos app to create your favorite photo projects. — Quality Delivered — As a select Apple print vendor for years, Mimeo Photos sets the bar high for premium quality photobooks, cards, and calendars. Mimeo Photos professionally delivers Apple quality materials, papers, book bindings, covers and packaging that will meet your quality standards. — Let Your Creativity Shine! — Mimeo Photos brings endless creativity to your fingertips with enhanced tools and features: • Transform, crop, and move your photos • Drag and drop as many images as you want • Write personalized text available in countless fonts, colors, and sizes • Add a splash of color with backgrounds • Choose from countless layouts or create your own — Perfect Themes For Every Occasion — Mimeo Photos offers a large library of creative preset themes to choose from, including your well-known favorites by Apple! Have an Apple theme you have used in the past? You can still use it now with Mimeo Photos! Each theme offers something different for your specific occasion. Simply choose a theme and Mimeo Photos will create and autofill your project with layouts and designs that best fit your images. Or choose to start with our blank theme for unlimited creativity! — Photobooks — Flip through your favorite memories with a Mimeo Photos photobook, customized and bound exactly the way you designed it on our easy-to-use builder. Choose from our countless pre-set themes or select a blank photobook and let your creativity shine! — Calendars — Brighten up every month of the year with a Mimeo Photos calendar, showcasing photos of your favorite memories. Give a calendar as a gift, or personalize your home or workspace. — Cards — Say hello, face to face! Perfect for holidays, events, thank you’s, birthdays, and more! Personalize your next card with photos and custom messages to make the card you deliver unique and memorable. Choose from many card templates or build it from scratch.