MindView 5 – Mind Mapping

OS X 10.7
* MindView 7 is now available through the Mac App Store. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mindview-7/id1273744385 MindView 5® is an easy to use mind mapping software designed to help users brainstorm, organize and present ideas. Based on the proven Mind Mapping® theory, it enhances creativity, clarifies thinking and improves memory retention and recall. MindView 5 includes a variety of ready-to-use templates, easy-to-use wizards and professional clipart to improve your layout. Export your completed Mind Map® to Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint, PDF, HTML or Mediator. With MindView you can: 1. Brainstorm and organize ideas visually for business projects or processes, and then export the resulting mind map(s) to PowerPoint (for example). 2. Create visual outlines of written documents, and export the resulting mind map(s) to Word (for example). 3. Create illustrated visual maps for educational projects. 4. Storyboard and develop presentations or websites. The resulting mind map(s) can be exported to HTML (for example). 5. Create illustrated timelines that cover recent, historical or even geological timescales. You can develop your Mind Map in 5 different views; switch back and forth between views to help reinforce topics and relationships; attach hyperlinks to any of the branches of your map; and attach resources such as image files, spreadsheets, and other documents to support your project. Among the new features of MindView 5 are: Templates: MindView 5 includes new customized templates for project management and study skills, on which to base your own projects. Styles: MindView 5 includes new map styles that have been optimized for specific project types, letting you change the overall look of the map and apply branch shapes, branch colors and other coordinated attributes in one step. MindView 5 also lets you define your own customized styles. Just make your own changes, and save the style as a custom style for re-use later. Citations and sources: MindView has partnered with WorldCat.org, the world’s largest online source catalogue, allowing easy access to 1.5 billion documented sources which you can add to your map as bibliography. MindView also lets you insert citations referring to these sources to branches, text notes and other elements of the map. If you export your map to Microsoft® Word, all the citations you have added are automatically placed in the correct location of the Word document. The full details of the corresponding sources are included in the Bibliography section located at the end of the Word document. Legends: MindView 5 lets you add legends to your maps, to make them easier to read and interpret. You can for instance associate a particular color or a particular icon with some of the branches of your map to single them out, and then apply a legend to give the meaning of this color or icon. Export options: When exporting your document to Microsoft Word, you can choose from a variety of bibliography styles, such as APA, MLA, Chicago and more, to reference your sources and citations. MindView 5 is fully integrated with Microsoft Office. With a click of your mouse, users can generate clearly outlined Word® documents or professional PowerPoint® presentations. Re-import exported documents into MindView while retaining or updating any additional work done respectively in Word or PowerPoint. You can even import native Word and PowerPoint files into MindView where the branch structure of the new Mind Map is based on the paragraph structure or slide structure of your original Word or PowerPoint file. MindView is an effective way to structure and allocate assets for presentations. Export to and Import from Microsoft® PowerPoint. Native PowerPoint files can also be imported. Export to PowerPoint, Word, HTML or Mediator using professionally designed templates.