Minesweeper 101

OS X 10.6
Minesweeper, a refreshingly clean, yet authentic interpretation of the classic strategy/puzzle game. The object of the game is to identify all mine squares by revealing all non-mine squares. The best minesweeper experience available. FEATURES - Beginner size preset (upgrade to the full version for five popular presets and custom) - Save, load, and replay games. - Mouse path is tracked with replay, and can be displayed. - Window can be resized at any time - Area is always opened on the first click. - Double-click or press both buttons to reveal adjacent squares. - A Right-click anywhere after a game, or click the clock to start a new game. - Best times are tracked in a high score table. - Chording is available for faster play. - The Inspector tool shows live game statistics. - Colors can be changed. NOTICE A mouse with two separate buttons is ideal for this game. If you use a trackpad or magic mouse, be sure to enable secondary clicks in your system preferences.