Minesweeper 2018

OS X 10.6.6
Do you remember that game that you used to play on your old computer? Feeling nostalgic remembering those good ol’ times? Then check out the new Minesweeper that fits in your pocket! The premise of the game is super easy – all you have to do is to clear the mineshaft full of bombs/mines as fast as you can! Click on the little square to reveal it – but beware of the hidden danger! To help you out there are some helpful tips like a Number indicating how many bombs are there left waiting to detonate and a Flag mark that you can use to help yourself navigate through the minefield. This FREE game will allow you to relive the blissful moments of your childhood and will introduce this classic to the new generation. You can access a daily challenge and challenge players from all over the world ! The app will automatically save your best scores (and best time)! So now you can challenge you’re your friends and beat their scores, but beware of the explosions! So what are you waiting for? Avoid the mines, sweep the filed and become a pro Minesweeper King!