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The most elegant minesweeper on macOS. It is fast, fun, simple and beautiful. It includes 3 grid levels: • Beginner: a grid of 8×8 with 10 mines • Intermediate: a grid of 16×16 with 40 mines • Expert: a grid of 30×16 with 99 mines Countless hours have been spent on fine tuning animations, they're perfectly timed to not make you lose time while staying gorgeous. Because time is important, the timer starts on the first click! Since we speak about time, there is also a cool 'reveal corners' shortcut and an integration of the 'quick clearing' technique to make you save precious seconds. Your highscores are automatically saved, so you can always try to become faster! Oh, and it also includes themes, because we each have different tastes. Questions? Reach me on Twitter @Barbapapapps or by email contact@juliensagot.fr.