MiriToken-ID Vault

OS X 10.9
The MiriToken-ID Vault allows users the convenience of storing up to eight of their MiriToken-ID accounts in one central location, enabling easy access and activation. MiriToken-ID is an easy-to-use, safe and secure personal identification and/or authentication system. MiriToken functions for user or transaction authentication, while MiriID identifies and authenticates users. MiriToken-ID makes both MiriToken and MiriID products available through one app. Never before has there been a greater need for identity security. Miri Systems recognized that need and created the MiriToken-ID app. The patented technology, using “dynamic” single use numbers, positively identifies and/or verifies the authenticity of the user, ensuring an incomparable level of identity protection and security. The MiriToken-ID can be used with any system that requires positive identification and authentication, such as government, healthcare, educational, financial, or other institutions.