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MirrorPro is a minimalist camera mirror that is fully featured and easy to use. It works with your built-in iSight camera as well as external USB cameras. Features: -External USB Camera support. Easily switch between devices. -Autosave of all settings and selected device. -Fullscreen support using the maximum available resolution. -Window Snapping with support for multiple monitors. -Window Floating to keep the mirror on top of other windows. -Use at any size and aspect ratio. Perfect for a rear-view mirror. -Switch between mirrored and non-mirrored modes. -Take a high-resolution photo of yourself. What to use MirrorPro for: -Applying makeup and mascara. -Hairstyling. -Mustache styling. -Checking your teeth. -Shaving. -Security when viewing confidential material. Tips: -Click anywhere on the mirror to move it around. -Press the arrow keys to quickly position the mirror on screen. -Press Command+T to take a photo. -Press Command+R to cycle between common aspect ratios.