MixPad Multitrack Recorder Free

OS X 10.6.6
MixPad Multitrack Recording Software Free MixPad Multitrack Free Recording Studio Software is a professional multi-track recording and mixing software. You can have the power of a professional recording and mixing studio on your Mac. MixPad Free for OS X makes the mixing process fun and intuitive with the helpful Graphic User Interface. MixPad Multitrack Recorder Free can help you optimize your audio quality while helping minimize the time spent working on your project. Some helpful features include: + Record an individual or multiple tracks at a time. + Add and mix an endless amount of vocals, audio tracks, and other music. + Enjoy a royalty-free, music clip library. + Output MixPad files to mp3, burn to a CD or upload to share with friends and family. + Save in any file type you need, from studio quality wav files to high compression formats. + Create your own beats. + Apply effects such as: EQ, reverb, compression, and much more! MixPad Multitrack Free Recorder can help you create your own mash-ups of your favorite audio files. Record instruments or vocals for music production in your home or on the go. With this easy to use multitrack mixing and recording software for Mac OS X, you too can be a DJ and music mixer!