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mJournal is a note taking application for Mac OS X with an unique usage experience and a focus on simplicity, security and syncing. Features: - Secure, all your notes are stored encrypted (AES-256) - Sync safe, mJournal works with all the usual sync services (syncthing, BTSync, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, etc.). - Clean and distraction free interface. - To keep the mJournal experience simple articles are only structured by tags. - Unique article view which combines regular articles, favorites, search results, archive and trash. - Keyboard and/or mouse navigation. - Customisable format bar with favorite colors and fonts for powerful but simple text formatting. - Articles can be locked to prevent accidental changes. - Articles can be archived. Archived articles are normally invisible but can be accessed if needed again. - Checkboxes, separators and timestamps. - Builtin Calculator. - Attachments. - Manual or automatic article versions. - Snapshots.