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Monitor My BP is a app designed to allow sharing of blood pressure readings for a single person or any entire family between multiple Macs, iPods, iPads and/or iPhones with Apple Watch support. The app helps you collect, track and organize all your blood pressure readings with just a few clicks. Features: Schedule a reminders so you will never forget when they should check your blood pressure No limit on how many blood pressure readings you can enter or the amount of people you can monitor Share your data with multiple Macs, iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches and keep a backup of your data for safe keeping. Easily organize your entire history of blood pressure readings by sorting by these data points: 1. Date 2. Person 3. Taken At 4. Diastolic 5. Systolic 6. Pulse 7. Notes And grouping by these data points: 1. Date 2. Date and Person 3. Person 4. Person and Date 5. Person and Taken At 6. Taken At 7. Taken At and Person Filter the history and email a report for doctor’s visits or your own personal records in a CSV file format which can be view using spreadsheet software or in html format that can be view and printed from any browser. Choose from 18 supported date formats and these 3 supported time formats: 1. H:MM 2. HH:MM 3. 24 Hour Store a list of emails address Take advantage of the “Reuse” and/or “Copy” features to minimize typing.