Monkey Tales

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Developed by leading educational publisher DieKeure and Larian Studios through four years of close collaboration with teachers, schools, and universities, Monkey Tales Games is a series of engrossing video games with a robust learning component tailored to every child. Monkey Tales Games' aim is not to instruct, but to help children rehearse and improve existing math and logic skills.These skills are stimulated by goal- (and fun-) oriented math puzzles and drills set in the context of a larger fantastic adventure. Your child will save the day not with a sword, but with the power of his or her ever-improving math skills. The game's algorithm first establishes each child's location on the learning curve and then tailors their experience to target and improve performance. Key Features: - Designed for Kids from 7 to 11 Each game is adapted for your child's grade level and helps reinforce topics covered in the classroom. - Dynamic Difficulty. Each game adjusts for difficulty as the child plays, ensuring an experience that is never too difficult or too easy. - Proven Methods. All the game mechanics used in the series are based on proven educational methods as well as four years of research and development involving teachers, schools, and universities. - No Need to Correct Your Child. Monkey Tales Games will automatically correct the exercises! - Five games, one price. Enjoy five Monkey Tales Games adventures, one for each age group (7-11).