Monthly Budget

OS X 10.13
Monthly Budget will help you to administer your Budget, as well as Expenses, and present them on charts to give a clear insight of expenses that you are doing for each items.. This is a great tool to assist yourself on how to handle and manage your every month budget. This application is very easy to use. You can set your Budget, income for month, and add expenditures and sort them into category and subcategory. Features: - Add expenses, and optionally set some notes also. - Sort by Category, Sub category. - Set your Savings goal. - Carry forward of previous months balance into current active month. - Activate/Deactivate budget for a Category, or even Sub-category - Clone full budget from last active month. - Dashboard for an overview of Budget in graph and pie charts. - Take printout of budget. - Quick Entry of expenses. - iCloud sync across your Macs. - Backup and restore. Monthly Budget is the decent way to summarize your Budget, and thereby ensure ensures full control on your expenses. Save the time and effort to organize budget with this application.