Monument Builders: Great Wall of China

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Did you know that the Great Wall of China is longer than the entire width of the United States? Be part of the adventure of building the famous Great Wall, and learn a lot of trivia too. The Great Wall of China is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious construction projects that mankind has ever completed. Become the construction supervisor and build a wall that can stave off the threat of the Huns!Help Qiu Jin, the Emperor's architect, in this massive undertaking—clear the site, find resources, repel Manchu attackers, build and improve your facilities, and provide the cut stone and scaffoldings required for the construction! Don't let the Emperor down: Take up the challenge and engrave your name in history! MAIN FEATURES Show how smart you are by building the Great Wall of China before it's too late! Efficiently manage your resources and workers Protect your village from Manchu attacks Advance in colorful settings 50 progressively challenging game levels Learn a lot of trivia about the Great Wall of China *** FOLLOW US *** Microids Game For All On #esbnyc On On On ***** You have a comment, an opinion, a question, a proposition about one of our games or apps? Send an email to or join our Facebook fanpage! You have a technical issue? Contact : *****