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More Disk Space is a very powerful tool to help you increase disk space in seconds. It quickly scans your Mac & find junk files which are eating up your precious disk space. More Disk Space has an intelligent feature to remember when to check for junk files on your mac. Just schedule it and specify how much junk you can tolerate. More Disk Space will regularly check and alert you when the junk exceeds your prescribed limits. With an accurate reporting, More Disk Space informs you how much space you freed at any given point in time. Our advanced cleaning algorithm is designed to handle gigabytes of junk files and cleans them quickly. Take the advantage of More Disk Space and get more space on your Mac. Two clicks and you are set. Download now! Note: Please, please backup your drive just in case you accidentally remove files which you didn't wish to. Files cleaned by More Disk Space are directly removed from your Mac and do NOT go in trash.