MorseMaster Pro Plus

OS X 10.10
MorseMaster is the first fully interactive morse trainer, which evaluates your reaction time and error rate on a per-character basis, making it easy to identify, isolate and improve performance on problem characters in your morse copy, all while drilling your typing skills. There are no buried menus in the app; Like a car or a vintage Ham radio, all of MorseMaster's intuitive controls and settings are right on the main screen. MorseMaster's revolutionary test engine is driven by the user's ability level; If you are brand new to morse code, MorseMaster will give you hints after a delay that you specify, and will wait for the correct input before moving to the next challenge. Your muscle memory will be continually reinforced by moving the test forward with correct answers, while incorrect answers are ignored (but recorded for later evaluation). If you can copy morse on a keyboard at 60wpm, then MorseMaster will automatically present challenges to you at that speed. The test speed is totally governed by your ability! MorseMaster Pro Plus is a great way to improve your keyboard skills while learning a new language. MORSEMASTER VERSION FEATURES: MorseMaster Pro Plus - The deluxe MorseMaster package adds a call sign group, allows easy importing of custom word lists, and includes speech synthesis to speak the characters as you type them, which exercises your ability to maintain focus on the morse characters that you are currently hearing, as you type the characters that you have already heard. MorseMaster Pro - Builds on MorseMaster Lite by adding word groups: Q-Codes, PROSIGNS, Digrams, and common CW word abbreviations. MorseMaster Lite - Tests on the alphabet, numbers, and common morse punctuation. Build test sets with group selections and adjustable iterations of test elements.