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Mortgage Calculator -- Ridiculously easy to use. Built for every-day professional use by loan officers and real estate agents, but easy enough for everyone to use! -- Enter Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Number of Months, and hit "Payment" for instant result. Quickly share results by email. Can also easily reverse-calculate loan terms -- enter any 3 loan terms (Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Number of Months, and Payment), and instantly calculate the 4th. Calculates car and auto loans too! Also fully functional simple basic calculator. ----------------------------------------------------------- Example #1 -- What will my monthly payment be? ----------------------------------------------------------- Calculate monthly payment for $120,000 loan, 4% interest, 30 years (360 months): √ Enter 120000. Click "Loan Amount". √ Enter 4. Click "Interest Rate %". √ Enter 360. Click "Term Months". √ Click "Payment" to calculate monthly payment. Result shows $572.90 per month. ----------------------------------------------------------- Example #2 -- How fast will I pay off my loan? ----------------------------------------------------------- I owe $140,000 and my interest rate is 4.25%. I am paying $1000 per month. How long until it's paid in full? √ Enter 140000. Click "Loan Amount". √ Enter 4.25. Click "Interest Rate %". √ Enter 1000. Click "Payment". √ Click "Term" to calculate how long it will take to pay in full. Result shows 16 years and 2 months. ----------------------------------------------------------- Example #3 -- How big of a loan can I afford? ----------------------------------------------------------- The bank's interest rate on a 20-year loan is 3.75%, and I can afford $1250 per month. How big of a loan can I get? √ Enter 240. Click "Term". √ Enter 3.75. Click "Interest Rate %". √ Enter 1250. Click "Payment". √ Click "Loan Amount" to calculate the loan I can get. Result shows 210,832.29. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Example #4 -- Calculate the current interest rate on a loan. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I know I pay $960 per month and that I have been in my 30-year loan for about 4 years. My loan balance is about $132000. √ I have about 26 years left on the loan. How many months is that?: √ Enter 26. Click "*" (multiply). Enter 12. Click "=" (equals). √ Result shows 312. Click "Term Months" to input that as months remaining. √ Type 960. Click "Payment". √ Type 132000. Click "Loan Amount". √ Click "Interest Rate %" to calculate the interest rate. Result shows 7.4675%. If you like this App, please Rate us and consider writing a review. Positive reviews and ratings help us know we're doing something right. If you have a complaint or suggestion, please contact us via the Support link so that we may correspond with you. No ads. No in-app purchases. Ever.