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MostRecent is a self-organizing application launcher that shows a list of available applications in a menu at the top of the screen. When you launch an application it moves to the top of the menu. Over time your most used apps flock to the top of the MostRecent menu. This makes launching your favorite applications very fast and efficient. Features: - Launch at logon: You can set MostRecent to launch at logon so that it is always available, and watch it become an indispensable tool for you. - TouchBar support: If TouchBar is available, it shows the same apps in the same order as the menu. - No typing needed: You can use your mouse or trackpad to launch apps most efficiently. - Primary and secondary menu: You can change the number of apps in the primary menu in Preferences. MostRecent shows the rest of the apps under the More menu. - Application discovery: After you install/remove applications, use Discover Applications to update the list of apps available in the launcher menu. - Keyboard shortcut: If you prefer keyboard over mouse, you can define a system-wide keyboard shortcut to open the apps menu. - Exclusion rules: Option-select an app in the MostRecent menu to exclude it in the future. Edit and combine filtering rules in Preferences by matching application name and/or location path.