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The unique App for hide the cursor on the Mac App Store, and the best app in absolute! Mouse Hider makes the presence of the mouse cursor on the monitor less intrusive. Thanks to Mouse Hider it is possible to hide the mouse cursor through 3 different systems: ● Time: after a customizable time of inactivity. ● Position: putting it on the edge of the screen enabling the Hot Borders mode. ● Shortcut: holding CTRL + ALT + CMD. The cursor will reappear after the first moving, except if the Stay Hidden option is enabled. ● With the Hot Borders mode, it is possible to choose which borders to activate and which corners to deactivate to preserve the native 'Hot Corners' functions. ● Using the Timer mode you can switch a Time Delay from 0 to 30 seconds. ● Everything is manageable from the Menu Bar Icon on the Top Right. ● Enable/disable with One Click on Menu Bar Item. (Secondary Click) ● Set the Keyboard Shortcut you prefer to Enable/Disable Mouse Hider without clicks. ● Press CTRL + ALT + CMD to hide the cursor Immediately. Is extremely useful for presentations and full-screen video playbacks, especially for those online video players where above mentioned function not working very well such as Nowvideo or Speedvideo or Netflix. Notice: the cursor can't disappear near the Dock area. Support: Feedbacks, Bugs and Infos: