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You are a multi monitor user or a presenter who is forced to use different projectors? Ever fiddled around with your mouse because your cursor got stuck somewhere in between your screens? MouseBeam is going to be your new best friend! It is a minimalistic, background application assuring your cursor is just one hotkey-press away: It beams your cursor to the desired screen for you. It also moves your cursor to the next screen if it touches your screenedge (optional), assuring a reliable workflow. It enables you to connect your displays in a circle! (optional) This can reduce your total mouse movement by more than half by beaming the cursor to the middle of your screen (optional). If you have two or more displays, give it a try. Especially interesting for Video- / Audioeditors or developers using huge screen estate. Features: - Beams your mouse to the next screen (Optional) - Beam your cursor to the exact screen you need it - Connects all yours screens in circles (Continuity - Optional) - If you approach the edge slowly, it won't interfere - Beams either to the edge or right to the middle (Optional) - Support for hot corners - Autostart If you have any suggestions, wishes or questions, don't hesitate to drop me an email.