Movie Rotate Lite

OS X 10.9
Yes, Movie Rotate Lite will rotate your video to ANY angle! Unlike all other apps that claim to do "video rotation", Movie Rotate Lite can do a free-angle rotation in any angle from 0 to 360 degrees! It is your must-have tool for not only the preservation of precious videos but also for special video editing needs. *Compare with the unlimited version, a watermark will be added to the finished video. You may choose to finish your job with a purchase of one-time watermark removing option or upgrade to the unlimited version after experiencing. features: v1.77 - free angle rotation 0 - 360 degrees in 1-degree step; - real-time smooth rotation preview with easy sliding angle control; - simple drag & drop input; - resizable window; - full playback and preview interface with unlimited fast forward, rewind, timeline sliding, volume and loop playing; - four levels of output quality from 1920x1080 Full HD to 640x480 VGA; - output progress indicator v1.77 -> v1.80 - fix 'the operation could not be completed' alert under OS 10.9 - correct misspelled word - More by dragonBTV updated v1.80 -> v1.95 features added according to user's feature request - option added: Cancel button to stop movie processing at anytime - option added: user notification broadcast upon each output - fix an issue of 'more memory resource request under OS10.9' - more output quality selection added - speed improved on movie processing v1.95 -> v1.99 - fix resources request issues under OS10.10 - speed improved on movie processing - Show issue fixing tips help menu added - more by dragonBTV updated v1.99 -> v2.06 - updated to macOS Sierra 10.12 and still compatible to OS10.8 and above - fix an issue on exporting 1920x1080 for high bitrate movie files - fix a bug while handling movie without video or soundtrack, alerts added - fix rotation interface do not refresh after window resizing - deprecated macOS function re-coded - more detailed error alert on processing high bitrate video - issue fixing tips updated - more by dragonBTV updated v2.06 -> v2.08 - bug fixed: movie player rotation anchor point away from center on macOS 10.13 - app size dramatically reduced - Startup Tip & Issue Fixing Tip modified - menu re-arranged for simplification - more by dragonBTV simplified - thread processing efficiency improved - performance improvements for macOS 10.13 High Sierra v2.08 -> v2.10 - the prefix structure of the default output file name changed according to user's feature request - title of progress indicator bar added according to user's feedback - the in-app purchase added for one-time​ watermark removing option - all deprecated code is rewritten - performance improvements