MP3Converter Plus

OS X 10.6
***** DISCOUNT FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! Normal price: $18.99 ***** Aneesoft MP3Converter Plus, a simple yet easy MP3 converter can help you convert all videos and audios to MP3 file. Features: 1. Convert almost all videos including HD video to MP3 file with easy steps. 2. Convert almost all audios files to MP3 file. 3. Extract MP3 from video files for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, and more Mobile Phones. 4. Batch conversion to save your time. 5. MP3 file codec, bitrate, Channels, samplerate settings. * Supported Input Video Formats 1. Standard Definition Videos: Audio Video Interlace File(*.avi), Digital Video(*.dv,*.dif), Flash Video Format(*.flv,*f4v), iTunes Video File(*.m4v), Matroska Video(*.mkv), Quick Time Video(*.mov,*.qt), Microsoft Digital Video Recording(*.dvr), MJPEG Video Format(*mjpg,*.mjpeg), MPG Video File *.mpg,*.mpeg,*.m2v,*.mpa), MPEG-4 File(*.mp4), MPV Video(*.mpv), 3GP File(*.3gp,*.3g2), Advanced Systems File Format(*.asf), NUT Video(*.nut), Nullsoft Stream Video(*.nsv), Raw Video File(*.h261,*.h263,*.h264), Real Video(*.rm,*.rmvb), SUN AU Format(*.au), (S)VCD Video File(*.dat), Video Transport Stream File(*.ts,*.t2,*.m2t), Windows Media Video(*.wmv), YUV Video File(*.yuv), MOD Video File(*.mod), TOD Video File(*.tod), VRO Video File(*.vro), AMV Video File(*.amv), DIVX Video File(*.divx), DVD ISO File(*.iso) 2. High Definition Videos: HD Audio-Video Interlace Video(*.avi), HD MPEG2 Video(*.mpg,*mpeg), HD MPEG-4 Video(*.mp4), H.264/MPEG4 AVC Video(*.m2ts,*.mts), AVCHD(*.m2ts,*.mts), HD MPEG-4 TS Video(*.ts), HD Quick Time Video(*.mov), HD WMV Video(*.xwmv) * Supported Input Audio Formats Advanced Audio Coding File(*.aac), Audio Codes 3 File(*.ac3), Audio Interchange File Format (*.aiff), Monkey's Audio Files(*.ape), Free Lossless Audio Codec(*.flac), MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File (*.mp2), MPEG-4 Audio Files(*.m4a), Ogg Vorbis Audio Files (*.ogg), WAVE Audio Files(*.wav), Windows Media Audio Files(*.wma), MKA-Matroska Audio (*.mka) Special Notes  According to Apple policy, the Mac App Store version of Aneesoft MP3Converter Plus can NOT import VOB files. Please download free Decrypter Plugin to import and convert unencrypted VOB files from