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MsFinance™ helps you manage and track all your accounts in a clean, intuitive application. Data entry is simplified with automatic category selection and more. Automatic support for cash flow budgeting along with financial forecasting makes MsFinance™ stand out from the crowd. Free trial available on web site. Support Note: If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please double check your spam filter and the reply address (we receive many support emails with invalid reply addresses). MAJOR FEATURES * INSIGHTFUL SUMMARY GRAPH Spending habits as well as category comparison analysis quickly shows how and when you spend your money. The 30 day minimum forecast graph provides an indication of your lowest balance which aids in preventing over-draft occurrences. * RECURRING TRANSACTIONS Recurring transactions make data entry and bill management a snap! By utilizing this feature, it is possible for MsFinance™ to provide accurate balance forecasting. * MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS WITH FOREIGN CURRENCY Handles multiple accounts with support for transfers between accounts (of same currency). * IMPORTING FROM BANK DOWNLOADS Data importing from QFX / CSV files is simple and intuitive through the import wizard. * BILL TRACKING By providing support for transaction scheduling, MsFinance™ makes it convenient to track and pay all your bills in one place. Easily determine which bills are paid and which ones need paying! * SIMPLE BUDGET TRACKING Budgeting for FREE! Simply categorize data and the budget calculations are automatically updated. Creating and staying on a budget has never been easier! * EASY SETUP WITH WIZARD Easy setup wizard guides creation of categories, accounts and budgets. We designed setup to be as simple and intuitive as possible, while maintaining advanced features that give MsFinance™ her power! * RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT We take great pride in providing responsive customer support (same day response) whenever possible and actively seek customer improvement and feature requests. This quality distinguishes us from other providers and drives everything we do at SilkyMac. Our pledge is simple: We will do everything possible to resolve any issue within 24 hours!