Multi Rename Tool – Batch Rename Multiple Files

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Why spend lots of time renaming files when you can simply buy Multi Rename Tool for a bargain price. Multi Rename Tool is a powerful batch renaming software. It provides many functionalities you need to quickly rename hundreds of local and remote files. It does everything you need and it does it FAST, with NO CRASHES and NO MEMORY LEAKS. Renaming multiple files usually takes a lot of time if it's done manually. You can do it in almost no time with the smart Multi Rename Tool. Imagine 1000 files that you can rename almost instantly to a name that has a counter or date, or any prefix, suffix, or even change certain characters. Features • easy to use interface • on-screen tutorial when first starting the app • use tokens to insert dynamic text such as dates or counters • adjustable counter parameters including start number, step number and minimum digits • search and replace text in file names • change file extensions • ability to convert all file names to upper or lowercase entirely • rename hundreds of files at once, even from different folders • drag&drop files on the main Multi Rename Tool window or on the dock icon ——— AND MUCH MORE ——— Need the best in file renaming for Mac? Multi Rename Tool is the answer. Thank you.