Multiply Datalink

OS X 10.8
The Multiply Datalink uploads your pedometer step data to Multiply. The pedometer software must be installed on your Mac computer and you must have internet connectivity in order to upload your steps. A pedometer is an easy-to-use, slightly bigger than a matchbox-sized device that counts every step you walk. It helps you see how active you really are andgenerally leads to an increase in activity. Multiply rewards you for using your pedometer while walking. Every step you take is literally a step closer to boosting your Multiply status and earning more rewards! Once your pedometer data has been uploaded, you will be able to view your steps and pedometer points on the Momentum website at - Log on and navigate to the My Rewards tab…then - select the ‘Fitness activities’ tab. - Scroll down to view your pedometer information. Alternatively you can visit the pedometer community to view your pedometer information. You can access the pedometer community in the same location on the Momentum website. How the pedometer works: The pedometer measures the difference between normal steps and aerobic (faster) steps. Apart from counting steps, the pedometer also tells you how far you’ve walked and how many calories you have burned. The pedometer is super accurate, even with measuring details like your stride length when you walk. You can upload your step data at home, at work or when you’re on holiday – wherever you have internet access and a computer with a USB port. You can join the pedometer community which offers a huge amount of information to help you achieve your goals, or even help you set some fun challenges for yourself and your buddies. With your Multiply Omron pedometer, you can improve your activity levels from normal steps walked every day to walking plans and exercise routines for loads of fun and improved health