MultiTab Text Editor

OS X 10.11
A Text Editor that supports Multiple Tabs.Using the application you will be able to open & work on multiple files at once in multiple different tabs.Tabs could also be switched easily using the provided buttons or using the shortcuts. Using Multiple tabs makes managing documents easier & allows to work on multiple documents without switching between windows. *** Insert tables and Images to the document*** The application also supports adding images, tables, Fonts, text size, hyperlinking, printing & many more.The application supports file formats of RTFD,RTF and TXT. The application also retains the formatting of text and data when you copy & paste the text from the internet browser or other applications to it. Below are the features of the application: ** Add Images : Add Images to the documents. ** Add Tables : Using the application you could create tables of any number of rows and columns. ** Add Hyperlinks : Select any text or Image and add hyperlink to it. (add website links) ** Bullets and Numbering : Add bullets and numbering automatically. ** Share : Share selected text with any supported application like Notes, Facebook, Twitter and etc. ** Fonts : Choose between more than 200 fonts and customize the text. ** Bold,Italics and Underline : Change the text to bold, italic or underline it. ** Text Size and Colour : Change the Text size and apply any colour of choice to it. ** Text Alignment : Change the text alignment to left, center or right. ** Print : Print directly from the application. ** Save All : Using this feature, all of the open tabs could be saved at once. ** Line Spacing : Using this feature, the space between the lines could be adjusted as well. ** Styles : The text could be struck through, shadowed & outlined as well using the application. ** Spelling & Grammar : Make the written text more accurate by using the features of spelling and Grammar. ** Find and Replace : Standard find & replace feature. ** Retaining text format on Copy & paste - The application preserves the text formatting when a text is pasted inside it.For example: The bold and coloured text will appear in the same way when these are pasted inside the application. The application also seamlessly integrates with the system menu.You could open the documents directly from Finder. In order to open a document, just right click on it.After this go to "Open With" and select "MultiTab Text Editor". The document will be opened in the application.