Music Control for iTunes, Spotify, Rdio and Personalized Internet Radio

OS X 10.6
Music Control: powerful and simple multi-app audio control for Pandora Radio, iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio. Take control of your music players! • Seamlessly switch playback to any supported application, all from your Mac menu bar • Control other Macs on your local network • Search for your favorite artists & get realtime results for all supported players • Save songs to a custom favorites list & share what you’re listening to on Facebook & Twitter • Post your songs automatically to your Facebook timeline SUPPORT FOR ITUNES, PANDORA, RDIO, & SPOTIFY Play, pause, skip, mute, and adjust volume for each app with a beautiful interface. Gain more control by using the media keys or set up your own customizable shortcuts. Switch between playback sources and see artwork, artist, album, and song titles in one place for any playing app. CONTROL ANY MAC ON YOUR NETWORK Got a bunch of Macs? Take command of your space. Music Control automatically detects other Macs on your local network and lets you control playback just like you do on your own computer. All the same capabilities as local playback without all the walking across the room. Music Control must be installed on any network machines that you wish to control remotely. Each app purchase can be installed on up to 5 computers! FIND & LISTEN No more digging through long lists or switching between apps. Use Music Control's built in search to quickly find all of an artist's available albums across all of your apps. Combined search results make it easy to find what you want to hear. SAVE AND SHARE YOUR FAVORITE SONGS Just click the heart icon next to the track name to save a song for playback later. Music Control will automatically search your installed music apps for sources to the song. Effortlessly share what you’re listening to on Facebook and Twitter, right from the app. Music Control can even automatically post what you're listening to on your Facebook timeline. MUSIC LOVERS SAY: "An incredibly elegant solution exists to your problem: Americo Trading’s Music Control, which streamlines the audio control process for Pandora, iTunes, Rdio, and Spotify into one seamless, unobtrusive menu bar app," ( “I found an app that pretty much solves my music library problems,” via Twitter “A Mac App I don’t know how I lived without,” via Twitter “The quick key option works flawlessly. I will be recommending this app to everyone I work with,” via App Store “This app keeps getting better! I love having the ability to search all my music sources at once,” via App Store “A brilliant idea and a great music control UI,” via App Store MUSIC CONTROL IN ACTION: Works a treat on Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks. PLEASE NOTE: Pandora is a registered trademark of Pandora Media, Inc. Music Control is neither affiliated with or endorsed by Pandora Media, Inc.