Music Scoring 101 – Moods and Styles

OS X 10.9
In this 18 video tutorial app you learn how to score music for games, film or TV. LA composer Gary Guttman is a master at composing music for visuals. In this scoring course, he explains the essence of his craft. If you want to learn how to score music for games, film or TV then watch this course! Scoring music for TV, film and games is big business. And, if you want to get a piece of the action, you need to know how to compose in a wide variety of styles and moods. That's why we worked closely with experienced LA composer Gary Guttman to create this detailed course. He really knows his stuff! Gary explains the musical techniques used to create different moods. He shows you the various harmonies composers employ to alter the emotional states of listeners and viewers. You learn all about orchestral colors and rhythms and how to utilize their unique properties to seamlessly work with the visuals for greater emotional impact. This is followed by a serious collection of tutorials that show you how to construct moods like sadness, tension, epic builds, action and much more. There's even a not-to-be-missed tutorial that explains the art of scoring under dialog. This one video is a course unto itself! Throughout this collection of tutorials, you are provided with Gary's beautiful musical examples, engaging visuals and detailed notated scores designed to show you exactly how these various moods are constructed. So, if you always wondered how those great film and game composers do their cinematic magic, then this course is for you! App Features: • Add your own notes to individual tutorials. • View the outline and jump to any tutorial while playing video or from the Home screen. • Mark your favourite tutorials. • Take your learning experience full screen. • Hide or show the tutorial outline whenever you want. Table of Contents: 1. Introduction (02:04) 2. Orchestral Templates (01:29) 3. Creating Moods (06:56) 4. Harmonic Choices (02:43) 5. How Harmony Affects Mood (01:44) 6. Scoring With Harmony (03:15) 7. Orchestral Moods (06:21) 8. Accompaniment Rhythms (03:24) 9. Melodic Rhythms (03:56) 10. Home Sweet Home (05:52) 11. Sadness (07:02) 12. Tension (05:29) 13. Epic Buildup (05:20) 14. Magical (05:17) 15. Mysterious (06:34) 16. Action (04:06) 17. Scoring Under Dialogue (02:09) 18. Conclusion & Review (03:54)