Music Speed Changer Pro 2

OS X 10.10
The Music Speed Changer** app allows you to easily change the playback speed and the pitch (key) of audio in realtime and independently from each other. The app also supports video (with zooming), subtitles (e.g. for karaoke), images (e.g. for scores), and text. Help: Demo video**: ++ If you encounter stops during playback then increase the buffer size in the app's settings. ++ ## Features ## - Change pitch and tempo (speed, time-stretch) independently and in realtime using time and frequency domain algorithms. - Create range and position markers. - Loop and select regions. - Export/share and import songs with annotations (for instance for for sharing between music teachers and students). - Playlists. - Video view* with zoom support (for instance to get an exact view on a guitar player's hand). - Text view with auto scrolling and monospace font support (e.g. useful for tabs). - Subtitles view to show subtitles (for instance for karaoke). - Image view with zoom support (for instance for displaying scores in image format). - Volume amplification, and simple voice reduction. - Channel selection (left/right). - Import various formats including mp3, wav, m4a, ogg, aac, mp4 video,... - Export modified audio to wav, mp3, m4a, and flac. - Batch conversion of files (multithreading support). - Record audio directly in the app. - Frequency conversion (for instance to 432Hz). * The recommended video resolution is 720p. ** The old app name was "Audio Pitch and Speed Player". Use cases: music instrument training by adjusting tempo and pitch to anytune, transcription, karaoke, language learning, ... ## Disclaimer ## The app does not support the import and export of copy/DRM protected files.