Musician’s Little Helper

OS X 10.5
** A fun and unique way to inspire musicians of all ages! ** Whether you're a pro musician, or someone just starting out making your own music, Musician's Little Helper is here to help inspire your next classic! When it comes to ideas, we all have to start somewhere! Whether you're sitting on your bed with a guitar, in a recording studio, or working on something in Garageband, Musician's Little Helper can help spark those first few notes that can create a killer riff or beautiful melody! How does it work? It's easy! First, pick the scale you want from an exhaustive list of 68 available. Then, pressing the 'Random' button will jumble up six individual notes relevant to the chosen scale to create something totally unique! The notes are placed in spaces on the main screen, so you can see them and play them! You can experiment with changing the order of the different notes, and even add more, by dragging them from the keyboard into the free empty spaces, creating a longer series of notes to play back. You can even make a loop with them by adding the loop icon into a free space!   Additionally, Musician's Little Helper aids in actually learning scales, by highlighting on a keyboard which notes belong to each scale! Wonder no more how strange the change from major to minor! Discover new sounds and melodies just by pressing a button! • Choose from 68 scales! • Totally randomize the notes or hand pick them yourself! • Edit notes by dragging and dropping them into the simple to use interface! • Loop notes to create a killer riff, bassline or melody! • Adjust the playback tempo using the interface's slider. • Easy to use! • Essential for musicians, and great fun for those with even just a passing interest in making music! ** Also available for iPhone and iPad! **