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MusicInteract is an interactive music software product that can literally be called a Virtual Piano Teacher. This product shall by no means replace a professional teacher, however, it can be used in a teaching environment to enhance the learning experience by means of technology. This product is designed with piano pedagogy concepts. This product is ideal for group environments and can be used at the student’s home for daily practice sessions. Requires connection to a midi keyboard or digital piano. A valid email is required for registration. The User Name and Password can be used on any device running MusicInteract. The User Account is primarily used for tracking performance results. Music teachers can view the performance results if a teacher ID is associated with the account. MusicInteract does not require purchase for download, however it does require purchase of music through In-App-Purchase. Music Samples are available from Prep Level to Level 3 Prep Level A Carefree Fellow by Daniel Gottlob Turk Level 1 Bourree in D minor by Christoph Graupner Level 2 Impertinence by George Frideric Handel Level 3 Sonatina in C Major by Muzio Clementi