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Musition 5 is a complete music theory and musicianship package, suitable for students of all ages. Interactive drill based teaching makes learning music fundamentals fun and easy! Complete with 43 topics, Musition provides essential instruction in areas such as note reading, rhythm reading, intervals, terms & symbols, key signatures, scales and chords. Advanced concepts such as jazz chord symbols, cadences, modulation and transposition are also covered. Lessons, worksheets & courses, integrated with sophisticated record keeping features, make Musition the ultimate music theory tuition tool. Highlights: • Tap, select, or play your answers • Ideal for exam preparation • Courses guide you through drills and lessons • Record keeping for assessing your progress • On screen Keyboard, Guitar and Solfege controllers • Suitable for all ages and levels • Customize ANY topic and level • Thousands of high quality questions • Media library with 100's of audio & notation excerpts • Integrated notation editor Learn to: • Read & write music • Understand chords, cadences & harmonic structures • Identify intervals & scales • Recognise musical terms & symbols • Learn about instruments, range & transposition Suitable For: • Students • Middle & High Schools • Colleges & Universities • Teaching Studios Student Accounts: • Three (3) accounts - perfect for home use Musition is fully supported in both English and German.