Muslim Kid Games

OS X 10.7
SALE AT 50% OFF !!! Muslim Kid Games is an educational game pack that helps you or your children to know salat times, wudhu, salat movements, Arabic alphabets and numbers, and iqra using fun gaming approaches: 1. Sorting games (Learning by sorting Arabic numbers, salat times, wudhu sequences, and sequence of salat movements). 2. Matching games (Learning by matching Arabic alphabets and numbers). 3. Listening and quiz games (Listening and testing your iqra skill and/or your children’s iqra skill). 4. Hidden object games (Learning by searching for hidden iqra). Features: - Full screen and window modes. - Good graphics and animation. - Good music, voice, and sounds. - Arabic and transliteration. - Varied muslim kid lesson pack. - Addictive game play. - Levels and stages. - Unlimited challenges. - High scores and achievements. - Support Game Center (groups). - Automatic saving of games, always come back to the game right where you left it. This educational app consists of games. If you are looking for apps that are more serious and deeper, please see also our other apps: IQRA FOR KID, SALAT GUIDE that teach complete iqra from basic to expert lessons, wudhu & salat guides, dhikr, duaas, and more.