Muzzy for iTunes

Intel 64 / OS X
$ 0.00
Muzzy is a tiny, gorgeous iTunes companion that lives in your menu bar. Made to be simple, Muzzy allows you to view your track's artwork along with its information (current time and name) in an effortless way: just click Muzzy's menu bar icon and you'll see! Browsing all tracks within an album is easy as pie too! Just click a button, and that's it! A list with all the songs of that album will be displayed. Album Tracks You are one click away from browsing and playing all the tracks from an album without having to open iTunes. Slidin' Lyrics Whenever Muzzy notices a track with lyrics on it, a new panel will partially slide to the bottom of the window. When you're ready to preview them: just click it! Simple and unobtrusive, that's how we like it. Artwork Time Bar Click on your track's artwork, in Muzzy, to skip back (click to the left) and forward (click to the right) in iTunes. integration Connect to your account to make Muzzy scrobble your songs and update your "now playing" status. Track notifications Be notified whenever iTunes changes the playing track with our handsome built-in notifications. Plugout Muzzy will automatically pause music on iTunes when headphones are unplugged.