MVSA (Monkey vs Asura)

OS X 10.6.6
Monkey vs Asura is the first Khmer Tower Defense Game that is based on Cambodian epic tale Reamker, an adaptation from Indian Ramayana. To fulfil his father's promise, Prince Ream decided to live in exile with his brother and his most beautiful wife, Princess Seda. But then, his wife was kidnapped by the most fearsome demon king, Krong Reap of Lanka city. With the help of his faithful and powerful follower, Hanuman and an army of monkey, Prince Ream embarked on a journey to rescue his wife back. Features ● Fight through an army of demon generals ● Use God Powers to assist in combat ● Summon minion monkeys to help Hanuman fight ● Hidden Power (if you can find it?) ● Only 6 stages to win the game but can you finish it? ● characters are beautifully drawn based on the Khmer ancient mural painting, Khmer mask dance and Khmer Kbach (ornament)