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My Bookshelf is a Mac Application helping you organize your bookshelf. This application is a unique database for your books collection. It is integrated with iCal (for books to return and to be returned), has a powerful internal search engine, can take a picture of the book's cover, can store e-books versions of books, etc. Obviously you can filter the database according to several criteria and print the whole list of books or just of the filtered lists. As you may see from the screenshots, you can provide several and useful information for each book: title subtitle author cover (you choose it from your HD or take a picture of it with the Mac Camera) edition year pages pages you have read (bookmark) bought on… price notes rating ISBN e-book version (ePub or PDF: you can read it if you have appropriate readers on your Mac) category position in the bookshelf you can indicate if this is a gift you can indicate when and to whom to return the book (iCal integration) you can indicate when and from whom the book is to be returned (iCal integration) You can search by title, author, ISBN, category, editor, position in the bookshelf and then print everything easily!