My Cocktails – Bartender

OS X 10.9.0
My Cocktails - Bartender is an application that is aimed to cocktails lovers, as well as professionals, such as bartenders. The ability of a bartender is not only to be able to replicate exactly an original recipe, but also to create new ones. In fact, the success of a party is given by many factors, including the originality of the drinks offered by the bar or bartender. With My Cocktails - Bartender you can create a collection of famous recipes as well as personal creations. The program is very flexible because it allows to create categories of foods or liquors, ingredients, cockatil origin, set the price, set time of preparation, calories, list of ingredients as well as the description of the step by step preparation. The most beautiful or most important recipes can be boockmarked and printed separately. Also a useful calendar will help to annotate party with friends or special events to remember. Also you can create a shopping list, and print all the recipes.