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Access your data everywhere with this companion Mac app for the highly-rated My Eyes Only iOS app. My Eyes Only for iOS and Mac provides highly-secured and fast, convenient access to all of your personal information from your pocket or purse, to your Mac. You can easily and securely manage all of your: passwords, logins, email accounts, compute logins, credit cards, medical information, and much more. With our Syncryption™ service, your data is encrypted and stored securely in our cloud system protected by Amazon Web Services. It automatically syncs all My Eyes Only app data when using the same Syncryption account. You can add as many iOS devices or Macs as you like for one small subscription fee for Syncryption. An additional 90 days of service will be added to your Syncryption subscription when you configure this app. Your data is safe, secured with 256-bit AES encryption. It’s so secure that it’s essential that you remember your master password because not even we can recover your synchronized data without it. Info categories included by default: • Web Logins • Financial Accounts • Credit Cards • Computer Logins • Medical Information (including special formats for German and Australian medical information, and Centrelink) • Passports and Visas • Memberships • Driver’s Licenses • Social Security (plus Social Insurance and National Insurance) • Medication • Email Accounts • Secure Notes Freely customize these categories, adding and removing different types of information and changing icons and colors. Plus, create your own custom categories using a wide variety of specialized data fields.