My Family Tree

OS X 10.10
The simple and lightweight solution for building and sharing your family tree. My Family Tree simplifies family tree creation to its basics. Add people and link them together to map out your family tree. With its focus on simplicity and ease of use, My Family Tree makes adding and linking people fun. Create a quick and simple family tree and export to a pdf document for sharing with friends or family members. My Family Tree currently accepts only a few basic details of a person, such as name, years of birth and death and some notes, and is not intended for detailed record keeping. Instead it focusses on simplicity and its lightweight approach to tree building makes the process easy and fun. The layout is computed every time the tree is loaded, which in the case of certain complex trees, may result in the layout of the tree to change every time it is opened. In such cases you may need to open the tree multiple times to get back the layout with which the tree was saved. If you face any issues in using the app, please let us know at and we will be happy to assist. Please note that My Family Tree does NOT currently open or support ged files or trees created in another program.